Plus Medical

Plus Medical

Plus Medical Co., Ltd., was established in 2005, manufactur and supply healthcare products, include of  disposable surgical drapes, sterile wraps, equipment plastic covers, procedural packs, surgical facemasks, surgical gowns and coveralls. We have a group of professional technicians as well as an experienced management team. We have 10000sqm 100,000 grade neatness standard clean room, which includes separate laboratory and EO sterilization equipments. All our design is subject to GMP standard.

Plus Medical devotes itself in offering a wide variety range of nonwoven products for medical applications. Through recent expansions we diversified further into the fast growing medical market with hundreds of customized products and technology.

A full range of fabrics for conversion into medical products is also available. A multi layers spunbond and meltblown construction with combination of other components such as airlaid and compounded materials is one of the most popular materials for conversion into safe medical products.

Within intimate knowledge of nonwoven markets, a desire to work with customers and an experienced management team, Plus Medical invites you to explore new opportunities.

Within intimate knowledge of nonwoven technology, a desire to work with customers and a team of professonals, Plus Medical supplies our customers with the best quality products in accordance with ISO 13485-2003 Quality Control System. At the same time, we strives to develop our own brand and reputation, as we strongly believe that quality is the guarantee of trust and satisfaction of the customers.